Baikal – Olkhon 2024

7 days/6 nights / from RUB 150,000

Just in a week you will have a chance to visit the south of Baikal, in the foothills of Khamar-Daban, visit the largest island on Lake Baikal - Olkhon, and also travel through the famous Tazheran steppes.

You will enjoy a jeep safari, cruising on Lake Baikal and a trip on airboats to the Grokhotun waterfall. Protected areas, relict plants, clean air, aromas of taiga and herbs. Acquaintance with authentic Baikal and Buryat cuisine.

Tour cost includes:
  • Meals according to the program

  • Guide during the excursion program

  • Instructor during the active part of the program

  • Speed boats, off road cars and airboat rent

  • Transfers as per the itinerary

Day 1
  • Arrival in Irkutsk in the morning. Meet your local guide in the airport.
  • After breakfast at one of the city restaurants we depart by coach to Novosneznaya settlement, located on the southern shore of Baikal, at the footheels of Khamar Daban Mountain Range, where Sneznaya river flows into Baikal.
  • Upon arrival we will check in at a hotel «Belosnezka» in cozy twin rooms with snow topped peaks view.
  • Dinner of local cuisine. In the evening enjoy rest in a peaceful place with unique nature.
Day 2
  • Today we will undertake an airboat trip along the Snezhnaya river and will go trekking to Grokhotun waterfall, named after the amazing sound (grokhot) made by the falling water.
  • "Grokhotun" waterfall is the biggest of all five waterfalls on Gromotukha river. The trail to this waterfall starts from Selenginka river.
  • Swimming at the waterfall on your wish. Picnic.
  • In the afternoon return by airboats to the hotel. Dinner.
Day 3
  • Today after breakfast we depart by speed boat to Listvyanka settlement. En route we will make one stop to see the famous Circum Baikal Railroad. CircumBaikal Railway, the most picturesque railway of Russia built along the southern shore of Baikal under the last Russian tsar Nicholas II and called “the golden buckle in the steel belt of Russia” due to the scenery, difficulty of construction and scale of investment. We will see the numerous rock galleries, bridges and tunnels dug in Primorsky mountain ridge, while listening to the history of Russia of those times.
  • Continue cruising to Listvyanka. Meeting at the central pier. Lunch to be served at one of the restaurants of Listvyanka. After lunch we will visit the Baikal ecology museum and the Chersky peak observation platform by chair lift.
  • Transfer to Irkutsk. Check in at the hotel. Overnight.
Day 4
  • After breakfast and check out we depart to the Small sea – straight between Olkhon Island and the mainland. Enjoy lunch of Local Buryat Cuisine en route.
  • Upon arrival to the Small Sea we will board speed boat for a small cruising trip to the biggest Island of Baikal, Olkhon with the visit to the most picturesque islands in the Small Sea – Zamogoi, Ogoi, Barakchin and a walking tour of Ogoy Island famous for the Buddist Temple built in 2004. (2 hours)
  • In the afternoon we will check in at «Port Olkhon» hotel. Dinner of local cuisine. Overnight on the Island.
Day 5
  • Breakfast. We will start this day with the walking to the famous shamanka rock. Visiting this place you’ll feel its spirit and power, and will become one step closer to the world of shamans.
  • Then we continue exploring the Island by off road cars. We will drive to the northern most point of Olkhon Island– Khoboy cape with picnic lunch (fish soup cooked on fire). We will admire the spectacular view of the widest part of Lake Baikal from the Khoboy rock.
  • Return to the hotel before dinner. Enjoy some spare time. Dinner to be served at the restaurant of the hotel.
Day 6
  • Some spare time on the sandy beach. Check out. Transfer to the ferry.
  • Further we will go by coach to Irkutsk with one stop en route for visit to Zolotaya Orda ethno complex for lunch of Buryat cuisine followed by folk show.
  • Check in at the hotel «Marriott» or similar. Dinner at the hotel.
Day 7
  • Departure by morning flight to Moscow.
Grokhotun Waterfall. The first, largest waterfall on the river, the only one of all has a name - Rokhotun. The rest have yet to be named. Grokhotun is located very close to the mouth of the river, about half an hour’s walk from the parking lot on Snezhnaya.
The path to it begins from the bank of the Selenginka River with a steep climb to three thick cedar trees standing on the edge of a cliff. Then she first goes on horseback, and then descends into the river gorge and after two crossings from one bank to the other, she comes to a large round canyon with a 15-meter wide and quite powerful waterfall. The picturesqueness of the canyon is made by a small lake formed by falling streams of water with a huge boulder near the shore. Here, against the backdrop of the waterfall, all visitors to this wonderful place are sure to pose for the cameras.

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