Summer tours to Baikal

In summer tours on Lake Baikal, we have prepared for you a variety of options for an unforgettable vacation: group and individual programs. Cruises around Lake Baikal, safaris on ATVs and off-road vehicles, business conferences and non-standard team building, excursions to cultural and sacred places of Lake Baikal.
Mysterious Olkhon and the warm Small Sea, the healing springs of Arshan and the Tunkinskaya Valley, the old Circum-Baikal Railway and the picturesque ridges of Khamar-Daban - choose what is closest to you when going on summer tours of Lake Baikal. Or you can stock up on time and gigabytes for a camera and go on a tour that unites all the beauties of the Baikal region.Whatever your route, we are sure of the main thing: your summer holiday on Lake Baikal will turn into an amazing, colorful adventure. After all, Baikal immediately makes you fall in love with it, and every day near the unique lake is unique.
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Baikal Discovery Team

With us you will get unique advantages of traveling in comfort in the most remote places of Lake Baikal

  • Irina


    Travel coordinator, working with foreign partner companies as well.

  • Elena

    Travel coordinator, who knows how to plan most interesting routes with comfort.

  • Ilya

    Tour creator, in love with Baikal and the mountains. Best guide on active routes.

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