Winter tours to Baikal

Baikal ice is the main attraction of winter Baikal;
Spectacular smooth surface of the transparent ice that is quickly freed of the snow by winds is fascinating.
The bizarre ice formations – shields, piles and icicles covering the rocks at the shore look like mysterious snow-covered castles.
We invite you to see the best of winter Baikal in our trips!
There is a chance to get to the most remote areas of Baikal, where it is difficult or even impossible to get to in summer, quickly and comfortably in winter.

Walking on the strong ice you can see “from the water” the grottoes decorated by the fairy ice splashes and transparent icicles. You can travel around the Lake in winter by hovercraft, on ice skates, by a snowmobile, on a dog sled, etc.
Any way, the trip will bring you great pleasure.
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Baikal Discovery Team

With us you will get unique advantages of traveling in comfort in the most remote places of Lake Baikal

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    Travel coordinator, working with foreign partner companies as well.

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