"Mountain snowmobile rider school"

5 days/6 pax/tour cost on request
Snowmobile riders of ALL skill levels are welcome from the first-time mountain rider to the advanced riders seeking a challenge.

Visiting the “Mamay snowmobile rider school” you will get new skills riding in a small group on a suitable mountainous terrain with an individual approach to each guest. The Snow Conditions are epic - some of the deepest fluff you’ve ever ridden!

We focus on improving your riding skills and technique taking into account your personal ability and experience.
Day 1
Morning flight from Moscow. Welcome to Irkutsk – the capital of eastern Siberia. We meet you at the airport gates and help with your luggage.
After breakfast at one of the city restaurants departure to Lake Baikal, to Novosneznaya village, located on the southern shore of Baikal at the confluence of Sneznaya river (Snowy) in Lake Baikal and in 10 km from Mamay Mountain - a local Baikal point of attraction for freeride skiers and snowmobilers.
Lunch of Buryat cuisine en route.
Upon arrival to Novosneznaya village check in at a new hotel «Belosnezka» in cozy twin rooms with snow topped piks view.
In the evening enjoy siberian banya and rest in peaceful place with unique nature.
Day 2
Breakfast. Metting your instructor. The first day of riding is usually organized on the meadows at the foothills of Mamay Mountain to practice basic elements of back country snowmobiling. The main thing snowmobiler should understand is what to look for in the back country.
Mamay valley has a special micro-climate; winters here are warmer than in other regions of Baikal. In the beginning of winter (up until January), before Baikal is covered with ice, precipitation is abundant. Combined with stable cold temperatures, it brings a huge quantity of light snow. The snowmobile season is from November to May, with the biggest snowfalls in November and December. The mountains in Mamay are generally 1600 meters high and the average run is about 700 meters vertical.
Lunch boxes. Return to the hotel. Russian steam –sauna and japan hot tube in the evening. Dinner of Baikal cuisine. Overnight.
Day 3-4
Transfer on off road cars to the foot of Mamay mountain. After about 1 hour of rescue instruction we continue riding on Mamay. The instructor will explain what the dangers are, how to properly plan for an emergency, and what gear each of us have both in our sleds, and on our person.
The main snowmobile slopes are on a North-West aspect where the valley is protected by mountains on all sides so there are no strong winds at all, which guarantees good snow and excellent riding.
On the second and third days of riding you will have the opportunity to learn and apply proper technique to a wide variety of mountain riding disciplines including getting and riding a sled on edge, downhill descent, sidehilling, tree navigation, breaking trail, powder turns, climbing, turning out, jumping, getting unstuck, and much more. You will have a new-found confidence in your preparation, decision making, awareness, and riding abilities resulting in a safe and awesome mountain snowmobiling future!
Dinner and overnight in “Mamay Chalet” on the mountain.
Day 5
Snowmobiling till midday. Descend from Mamay. After lunch and check out transfer back to Irkutsk. Overnight in the hotel in Irkutsk.
Day 6
Transfer to the airport. Farewell.
The Mamai River gorge, located in the southern part of Lake Baikal, in the Khamar-Daban mountain range, is known far beyond the borders of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. It has long become an international tourism cluster. The terrain of this amazing area is considered the most extreme and most suitable for off-piste snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling. Freeriders, skiers, boarders, and snowmobile riders from all over Russia and abroad flock to the boats during the five-month skiing season. The snow cover allows everyone to enjoy the white sparkling snow from November to March inclusive. Often in November you can observe a snow cover thickness of up to one and a half meters, and by mid-winter it can reach in some places more than 5 meters. Therefore, the valley of the Mamai River gorge is considered the most suitable place for opening the early season. In the gorge of the Mamai River, surrounded by the Khamar-Daban ridges, its own special microclimate has formed. It is characterized by “mild”, comfortable winters (temperatures usually do not drop below 15 degrees) and the absence of strong winds (up to 2 m/s). The terrain for skiing on Mamaia is excellent: sufficient slope, cushions, rolling pins. The most pleasant thing is to ride along the couloirs.
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